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Subaru Dashboard Lights Meaning

Dashboard Warning Lights

You’re late to work and sitting in traffic when you look down and see what every driver dreads. One of your Subaru dashboard lights is lit. What does it mean? Is it serious? Should you drive immediately to your Altoona area Subaru dealer, or can you call and make an appointment for later? Read on to find out what to do about Subaru warning lights. 

Subaru Warning Lights

It’s a scary experience when you see one of these Subaru dashboard lights come on on your dashboard. These lights are designed to get your attention and warn you that your Subaru has a problem. Here’s what to do when you see one of these lights.

  • Check Engine–When the check engine light comes on, it means your car needs attention. A solid light means that you can continue to drive, but should make an appointment to bring your car in to your mechanic near Tyrone. If the light is flashing, pull over and call for assistance because continuing to drive could damage your engine.
  • Tire Pressure Warning–This warning light means that one of your tires is underinflated. Check your tires and add air and the light should go off. If the light doesn’t go off, take your vehicle in for servicing because there may be a problem with the tire pressure monitoring system.
  • Oil Pressure Warning–If the oil pressure in your vehicle is low, the oil pressure warning light will come on. If this light comes on, pull over to a safe place where you can check your engine oil level. Do not drive with the oil pressure light on because a low oil level means your engine doesn’t have enough lubricant and can overheat causing serious damage to the engine.
  • Charge System Light–This warning light indicates that your battery is low. It could mean that your battery is bad or needs to be charged. 

Subaru Dashboard Symbols

In addition to the warning lights, there are Subaru dashboard symbols that light up to signal various problems as you are driving around Bellwood. The meaning of these lights is explained in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Bring Your Subaru to Stuckey Subaru for a Checkup! 

If one of these Subaru dashboard warning lights comes on, contact us to find out what it means and what you should do. Bring your Subaru to the certified service technicians at Stuckey Subaru for regular maintenance to keep those dashboard lights dark. Check out our service specials online! For more helpful reads, check out our tips for keeping your car looking fantastic


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