Stuckey Subaru Team

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Matt Stuckey

Matt, the President of Stuckey Automotive, started with the company in 2003. "I love the people here at Stuckey's. I enjoy meeting our customers from all over the middle of Pennsylvania and beyond. I also enjoy working alongside our dedicated team of automotive sales and service professionals to meet our customers' needs."

Which brand is your favorite? "I am passionate about all of our brands. They are like children to me - if you asked me to choose a favorite, I wouldn't be able to!"

Favorite Vehicle: "My favorite vehicle to drive is whatever I'm driving right now (currently a Mustang GT Convertible)!"

"I am a Hollidaysburg native, and I graduated from Hollidaysburg Area High School in 1997. I graduated from Messiah College in Grantham, PA, in 2001 with a degree in International Business. I have two kids, Will and Joe, and have been married as long as I've worked at the dealership (since 2003).

Fun Fact: "I'm a sunset kind of guy."

Matt Meiser
General Manager

Matt joined Stuckey Automotive in 2009. Today, he serves as the General Sales Manager. He greatly enjoys taking care of customers' needs and fostering the Stuckey Automotive culture. Favorite Vehicle: The Ford Expedition.

"The technology alone is incredibly advanced and it's so comfortable." - M. Meiser.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys spending time with his family.

Walt Baptista
Operations Manager

Currently the Operations Manager at Stuckey Automotive, Walt joined the company in October of 2013. "Matt Stuckey is a wonderful person to work with, and I like the fact that I can be creative with my job. I also really love helping customers. The reason why I'm in fixed operations is because I love to help people when their life is negatively impacted by their vehicle's issues."

Why Ford, Subaru, Buick, and GMC? "Ford has great new technology features like FordPass, Subarus are reliable and hold their value, Buicks don't break down and have quiet rides, and GMC produces many innovations like the Multi-Pro Tailgate."

Favorite Vehicle: Ford Expedition. "I can take my kids and grandkids and fit all of those little critters into this vehicle."

Originally from Providence, Rhode Island, Walt now lives in Altoona and holds a music degree from Berklee School of Music. He has been married to his wife for 30 years, has four sons, one daughter, and 13 grandchildren. He enjoys golfing and spending time with his grandchildren in his spare time.

Fun Fact: "I love to go to outdoor music concerts."

Jessica Cassarly

Jess, the Controller at Stuckey Automotive, joined the company in June of 2014. "I love the employees and that my job has a lot of variety to it."

Why Ford, Subaru, Buick, and GMC? "They're all really dependable."

Favorite Vehicle: Ford Expedition. "I like the space and extra room."

Jess grew up in Martinsburg and graduated from IUP with a degree in Accounting. She currently lives in Hollidaysburg, is married, and has two sons. In her spare time, she enjoys running, reading, and playing with her kids.

Fun Fact: "I love to be outside."

Reggie Ruggiero
General Service Manager

Reggie, Ford's Service Manager, joined Stuckey Automotive in July of 2014. "My co-workers are the biggest reason we succeed, and they make each day more interesting. I really enjoy fixing something no other service department could."

Why Ford? "The evolution of their products."

Favorite Vehicle: Ford F-150. "It's the #1 selling truck for a reason."

Reggie is Ford Master Certified, Subaru Master Certified, and Ford Commercial Master Certified. He has a wife (Aleka) and three children (Ella, Benny, and Adelynne). He enjoys spending time with his family and friends in his spare time.


Chuck Koch
General Sales Manager

Chuck, the General Sales Manager at Stuckey Automotive, started with the company in January of 2010. "I love our driven, passionate team. It's exciting having the opportunity to sell so many different brands and serving all of our customers."

Why Ford, Subaru, Buick, and GMC? "It's great to have four dominating brands in the vehicle industry. Subaru makes an awesome product with industry-leading safety, including Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. Ford makes the best truck on the road and has beat the competition for the last 35 years. Buick offers the best in luxury and ride quality. And GMC's design and styling are extremely appealing."

"I grew up in Lakemont and currently live in Bellwood with my wife (Allie), daughter (Laken), and silver lab (Skip). We all enjoy going to the lake, four-wheeling, and hunting."

Fun Fact: "Key West is my favorite destination, and I've been there three times."


Subaru Sales

Nate Fama
Subaru Sales Manager

A Subaru Sales Manager, Nate joined Stuckey Automotive in February of 1994. "I embrace the challenge of my job, and I enjoy interacting with both my co-workers and customers."

Why Subaru? "It's really unique and such a niche brand."

Favorite Vehicle: Subaru Outback. "The versatility is awesome. It's kind a do-everything, with plenty of off-road capability and storage capability."

An Altoona resident, Nate has two daughters. He enjoys being in the outdoors, biking, hiking, and kayaking in his spare time.

Dallas Reilly
Sales Manager

Dallas joined Stuckey Automotive in 2016 and currently works as a Subaru Sales Manager. "The friendly atmosphere and great teamwork are amazing. I really like meeting new people every day and helping figure out the best vehicle for their needs."

Why Subaru? "I love the engagement that Subaru has with their product and the engineering that goes into it. They invest a lot of time and money to make sure they have a good product before they release it."

Favorite Vehicle: Subaru Outback. "It's practical for hunting and fishing."

Dallas played college baseball, and, as mentioned above, he enjoys hunting and fishing. He also likes to spend time with his family, which includes three children (two girls and one boy).

Fun Fact: Unlike most people, Dallas enjoys doing yardwork, planting flowers, and working around the house.

Tim Sleeth
Subaru Exchange Coordinator

Tim, the Subaru Exchange Coordinator at Stuckey Automotive, joined the company in March of 2019. "The people that work here are very nice. My favorite part of my job is helping to solve customers' problems."

Why Subaru? "The Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive keeps you safe."

Favorite Vehicle: Subaru Outback. "The Outback is generally an overall good car as far as driving and handling, and the all-wheel drive option puts it all in a nice package."

Tim received a B.S. degree from Penn State University and is married with five children. He attends Saint Mary's Catholic Church in Hollidaysburg and enjoys hunting, fishing, and farming in his spare time.

Jerry Pollock
Subaru Sales Professional

Jerry joined Stuckey Automotive in September of 2009 and works as a Sales Professional. "I love the great work environment. There is plenty of assistance from staff and management. I enjoy meeting new customers to make them my customers for life. I also enjoy working with my old customer base to exceed all their expectations."

Why Subaru? "Subaru is a great, safe product with a very loyal customer following. Many customers have been driving the products for 20 to 30 years."

Favorite Vehicle: Subaru Ascent. "It has tons of space, tons of power, and is very technically advanced."

A Tyrone Area High School graduate, Jerry attended Penn State Altoona and has lived in Altoona since about 1993. In his spare time, he enjoys detailing both of his family's vehicles.

Fun Fact: "I started selling Subarus in 1998."

Cathy Milner
Sales Professional

Cathy joined Stuckey Automotive in 2015 and currently works as a Sales Professional. "I love the people at Stuckey Auto . . . I work with some of the best! I also love talking to customers to find out what best fits their needs/wants and then going over options/features before they drive way."

Why Subaru? "I love the safety features such as EyeSight."

Favorite Vehicle: Any Subaru. "I trust the safety features and own two Subarus myself."

"Originally from Huntingdon, PA, I am now living in Altoona.  I have a son and daughter-in-law living in Florida that we visit every October. I have a fiancé, Alan, and my mom still lives in Huntingdon.  I graduated from Huntingdon High School and went to Cosmetology Academy in Great Falls, MT. and CLN in Altoona." 

In her spare time, Cathy enjoys riding motorcycles, driving her Mustang, and working in her yard with Alan.


Nathan Pope
Sales Professional

Nathan, a Sales Professional at Stuckey Automotive, joined the team in November of 2017. "I love the people I work with - they make it fun. My favorite part of the sales process is handing the keys over to the customer's new car."

Why Subaru? "The safety - that's why I bought one."

Favorite Vehicle: Subaru Ascent. "I like the Ascent because of the cargo space and amount of room that it has for passengers."

Nathan grew up in and still resides in Hollidaysburg. He studied at the University of Pittsburgh Johnstown, and he is married. He has one son with another child on the way. In his spare time, he enjoys playing outside with his son and golfing.

Fun Fact: "I once threw a perfect game in high school."

Stephanie Ripple
Sales Professional

A Sales Professional at Stuckey Automotive, Stephanie Ripple joined the team in December of 2015. "I like the family atmosphere. We spend a lot of time together, and we come together very well to accomplish our goals. I enjoy selling Subarus in general. It's nice to know that what you're selling is a solid product with off-the-charts dependability and safety ratings!

Why Subaru? "I'm proud to be a part of the Subaru family because of their involvement in making the world a better place! These include community involvement, pet drives, book donations, and my favorite program, Subaru Loves to Care, which distributes blankets to local chemo patients. That last one hits particularly close to home: my mother had her chemo at the very place we distribute blankets."

Favorite Vehicle: Subaru Outback. "It has a remarkable ride, it's a super comfortable car, and the safety and reliability are second-to-none."

 "I was born in Hollywood, Florida. We moved to Pennsylvania when I was a child to a small town called Mount Union. The camaraderie of a small town is something everyone should experience. I got my Associates degree in Business Administration and have worked in the customer service field for over 15 years. When I'm not at work, I enjoy traveling, sporting events, concerts, camping, fishing, and Netflix!"

Fun Fact: "I won the Chess Championship in 4th grade, I am petrified by bees, and I've always wanted to be a storm chaser!"

Patrick Dick
Sales Professional

A Sales Professional at Stuckey Automotive, Pat joined the team in August of 2018. "I love the work atmosphere and my co-workers, and my favorite part of the sales process is handing over the keys."

Why Subaru? "It has a strong history of reliability and customer satisfaction."

Favorite Vehicle: Subaru Outback. "It's an all-around practical vehicle that can handle most people's needs."

Born and raised in Altoona, Pat has a fiancé and two kids. In addition to hanging out with his family, he enjoys hunting, fishing, and being outdoors.

Fun Fact: "I'm the class clown of Stuckey's."

Josh Cooper
Sales Professional

Josh joined Stuckey Automotive around the beginning of 2019 as a Sales Professional. "I love the fact that no matter how big or small your role with the company, you really feel like a part of the family, and it is just that around here - a big, family-based environment. My favorite part of the sales process is the initial meet and greet - I enjoy getting to know everything I can about each of my customers and finding the perfect car for them."

Why Subaru? "Personally, I have been driving a Subaru for many years. The brand truly stands behind everything they say about themselves: dependability, longevity, and usability."

Favorite Vehicle: Ford F-150. "It was always my dad's favorite."

"While away from work, I am an outdoor enthusiast! You will typically run across me out in the wilderness camping, fishing, biking, hiking, kayaking, and competitive shooting - pretty much anything that gets me outside! On the flip side, I have an undying passion for video games! I have played competitively for a few years and do some streaming on the rainy days when I can't be outside!"

"I studied Pre-Med at Pennsylvania State University for several years before leaving the field to pursue other interests. I was born and raised locally here in Hollidaysburg! I have lived in just about all the surrounding areas and have finally settled in my current home here in Duncansville!"

Tim Park
Sales Professional

Tim, a Sales Professional, started with Stuckey Automotive in May of 2019. "I love Stuckey's great reputation in the community as well as the quality of the products that we sell. I also enjoy getting to know different people each day."

Why Subaru? "I love the reliability and quality of Subaru."

Favorite Vehicle. "It's a great, fast little car."

In his spare time, Tim enjoys hanging out with his family and fly fishing.

Fun Fact: "I love extreme sports."

Jhon Hoffman
Sales Professional

Jhon is a Sales Professional at Stuckey Automotive and started with the company in June of 2019. "I love being able to help people and enjoy handing over the keys and seeing the smiles on customers faces."

Why Subaru? "Safety and dependability."

Favorite Vehicle: Subaru Forester and Subaru Legacy. "They both have amazing rides and comfort."

Jhon and his wife, Kiley, are expecting their first child in February of 2020. He grew up in Tyrone, PA, and now lives in Altoona. In his spare time, he enjoys working on his house, attending sporting events, and riding his motorcycle.

Fun Fact: "I've been to China, and I'm a big sports fan."

Sara Black
Sales Assistant

Sara joined Stuckey Automotive in August of 2014, and she currently works as a Subaru Sales Assistant. "I love the family environment, and I like that there is a lot of variety in my position - no day is the same."

Why Subaru? "I love that Subaru is so involved. It has many initiatives like Subaru Loves Pets, Subaru Loves to Care, Subaru Loves the Earth, and Subaru Loves Learning."

Favorite Vehicle: Subaru Forester. "It's what I currently drive for a reason."

An Altoona resident, Sara graduated from Altoona Area High School in 2000. She has one son and a cat named Kiki that she rescued from Stuckey's. "When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend, family. and friends and going to concerts and the beach."

Fun Fact: "I've seen Def Leppard 6 times!  My favorite number is 5 … my son was born on the 5th day of the 5th month at 5:05. Also, my favorite cake is carrot cake."

Ashley Hartos
Sales Assistant

Ashley joined Stuckey Automotive in January 2019 as a Sales Assistant. "What I love most about Stuckey's is the people I work with; they are all so helpful and friendly. They make me feel right at home. I also enjoy seeing customers come out of finance once their deal is complete. They get so excited - it's so nice to see the smiles on their faces."

Why Subaru? "I love how Subaru is geared toward safety and family, and Ford has such a nice variety of vehicles that it's impossible to not find a fit for yourself or customers."

Ashley graduated from Clarion University in 2017. She grew up in Ruffsdale, PA, and moved to Altoona after college with her fiancé. They have two cats named Challa and Chaka and will be getting married on 10/10/2020. "When I'm not working I try to go on new adventures and be with my loved ones."

Ali Corran
Sales Assistant

Ali joined Stuckey Automotive in June of 2019 and works as a Sales Assistant. "I love working here because everyone is helpful and works hard. I enjoy helping the Sales Professionals to make their days easier."

Why Subaru? "I love that all of our vehicles have great dependability."

Favorite Vehicle: Subaru Crosstrek. "I like their look and reliability."

"I went to high school at Central Cambria and college at Penn Highlands. My hometown is Ebensburg, PA, and I currently live in Colver, PA. I like to spend time outdoors and with family and friends, garden, and travel."

Fun Fact: "I love to cook, I have my cosmetology license, and I love animals."


Internet Sales

Jerry Hutchison
Internet Sales Manager

Jerry began working at Fiore Buick GMC in 1993. After Stuckey Automotive's acquisition of this dealership in 2018, Jerry moved to Stuckey Ford where he currently works as the Internet Sales Manager.

When asked about his favorite aspects of working at Stuckey Automotive, Jerry answered, "I like the strong culture and work ethic. I also enjoy helping salesmen put deals together and working with the Internet sales team to bring customers into the dealership."

Why Ford? Jerry admires the Ford brand because of its popularity, safety features, and reliability.

Favorite Vehicle: Ford F-150. "I drove one for a demo and really liked it."

Outside of work, Jerry likes to spend time with his family and golf. He has two children and currently resides in Hollidaysburg, PA.

Melody Watkins
Customer Care Specialist

Melody joined Stuckey Automotive in the late summer of 2018 as a Customer Service Specialist. "I love the chill people I work with, the great environment, open communication, and transparency. I also enjoy helping customers find the right vehicle to fit their needs."

Why Ford? "I admire Ford because of its dedication to the consumer and really good reputation for doing what they can for their customer. Blue-collar workers are really important to Ford."

Favorite Vehicle: Ford Escape. "They look nice and have a nice body style."

Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Melody currently resides in Altoona, Pennsylvania. She loves movies, especially horror movies and action movies. "The gorier the better. The crazier it is, the happier I am." She is also an avid singer. "Music is my passion.

Fun Fact: "I am an ordained minister who sometimes performs weddings - I truly enjoy marrying people."

Kathleen Payne
Customer Care Specialist

Kathleen joined Stuckey Automotive in the summer of 2018. "I love the environment and the people that I work for. I've spent 20 years in management and started two of my own companies, and this is by far the best place I've ever worked. My favorite part of my job is meeting people and creating new relationships with customers."

Not only is she a Ford gal, but her boyfriend is a Ford guy, too.

Favorite Vehicle: Ford Taurus. "It's a comfortable family car."

Born in New Jersey and raised in Pennsylvania, Jennifer has three daughters and one grandson. In her free time, she enjoys riding her own motorcycle.

Jennifer Parkes
Customer Care Specialist

Jennifer joined Stuckey Automotive in the spring of 2018 as a Customer Care Specialist. "I love the family atmosphere and interacting with customers."

Why Ford? Jennifer loves Ford because of its cars longevity and, of course, because of the classic Mustang.

Favorite Vehicle: Ford Mustang. "It's hard to pick because I love vehicles, but my go-to is Mustang."

Jennifer currently resides in Bellwood and has two kids and two grandkids. "I like spoiling my grandkids, riding Harleys, and spending time with family and friends."

Lieesha Samuel
Customer Care Specialist

Lieesha joined Stuckey Automotive around October of 2019 as a Customer Care Specialist. She likes her job and the team she works with, and she loves making customers happy by finding an appointment time and date they want.

Why Ford? Lieesha's favorite aspect of the Ford brand is its great warranties.

Favorite Vehicle: Ford Fusion. "I feel like a celebrity when I drive it."

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, and currently a resident of Altoona, Lieesha enjoys playing sports with her two sons and cleaning.

Xavier Stewart
Customer Care Specialist

Xavier joined Stuckey Auto in March of 2019 as a Customer Care Specialist. "I've never worked somewhere with such a good atmosphere. I love talking to all the different people as part of my job."

Why Ford? "Ford offers a wide variety of options in its lineup."

Favorite Vehicle: Ford Explorer. "It's just the right size and has a nice body and comfort."

Originally from Pottsmouth, Virginia, Xavier graduated from Great Commission High School. He also attended Penn State Altoona. He currently lives in Altoona where he enjoys playing basketball in leagues, riding roller coasters in amusement parks, and spending as much time as possible with his four-year-old daughter, Nevaeh.

Fun Fact: "I enjoy spontaneous road trips, especially to the beach."



Jennifer Kauffman
Finance Manager

Jennifer joined Stuckey Automotive in September of 2001 and currently works as a Finance Manager. "I love the great workplace atmosphere, and I enjoy the excitement of people getting into their newly-purchased vehicles."

Why Ford, Subaru, Buick, and GMC? "Ford offers amazing technology, Subaru is known for its safety, Buicks are very luxurious, and GMC's vehicles have pleasing aesthetics."

Favorite Vehicle: Ford Mustang. "It's my favorite car - I own three of them."

Originally from Irvona, PA, Jennifer currently lives in Duncansville. She attended South Hills School of Business and Technology in Altoona. Her husband is Aaron, and she has one daughter named Melissa. PFC Bradley Kritzer, who means a lot to her, was killed-in-action on May 5th, 2004. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family.

Fun Fact: "I enjoy car shows."

Troy Radford
Finance Manager

Troy, a Finance Manager at Stuckey Automotive, joined the company in November of 2014. "I love the family atmosphere, and I enjoy watching the customer experience from beginning to end and seeing happy customers."

Why Ford and Subaru? "I think that between Ford and Subaru, we have some of the most well-respected and fun brands on the market."

Favorite Vehicle: Ford Mustang. "My first vehicle was a 1965 Mustang, and I have loved the Mustang line since."

Troy is from Dalton, Georgia, and now lives in Pennsylvania. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education, is married, and has four children. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his kids and playing the guitar.

Fun Fact: "I have one kidney!"

Spencer Nicholson
Finance Manager

Carlos Parrilla
Finance Manager

Carlos is a Finance Manager at Stuckey Automotive who joined the company in May of 2013. "I really love working with Sushant and helping with finance."

Why Ford? "I own one for a reason."

Favorite Vehicle: Ford Fiesta ST. "They are fun-to-drive."

Carlos grew up in and still lives in Martinsburg, PA. He has a wife and four kids, and in his spare time, he likes to play with ZipChip.

Fun Fact: "I'm developing a screenplay in my head (yet to hit paper) about me and my adventures."

Sushant Mathen
Finance Manager

Sush joined Stuckey Automotive in May of 2015 and works as a Finance Manager. "The work environment is excellent, and I love seeing customers' smiles as they leave in their new car."

Why Ford, Subaru, Buick, and GMC? "Ford and Subaru offer the latest in technology, and Buick and GMC feature comfort and luxury.  

Favorite Vehicle: Ford F-150. "It's the best-selling truck out there for a reason."

Born in New Jersey and raised in the Poconos, Sush is married and enjoys working on his car and house in his spare time.

Fun Fact: "My favorite food is legit, New York-style pizza."

Dan Piper
Finance Manager

Ian Foor
Finance Manager

Ian is a Finance Manager at Stuckey Automotive who joined the company in September of 2018. "My favorite aspect of the workplace is the people, and I enjoy working with first-time buyers."

Why Ford, Subaru, Buick, and GMC? "They all have cool histories."

Favorite Vehicle: Ford F-150. "I've always liked trucks."

Ian grew up in Bedford County and now lives in Duncansville with his wife and three kids. In his spare time, he likes to coach, run his kids around, and spend time with his family.


Jim Heffelfinger
Finance Manager

Jim is a Finance Manager at Stuckey Automotive who joined the company at the end of 2017. "I love the atmosphere - it's a very positive company. And I enjoy meeting a ton of people as part of my job."

Why Subaru? "I love Subaru because its vehicles are incredibly reliable and safe because they feature EyeSight Assist. They are one of the best brands on the market."

Favorite Vehicle: Subaru Forester "It handles better than other vehicles in the wintertime."

Jim is a life-long Altoona resident and has a long-term girlfriend. Outside of work, he is an avid reader: "I'll read just about anything."

Fun Fact: "At my old job, I ran three different stores in three different cities over the course of a year. Needless to say, it was a busy year."


Michelle Conahye
Finance Assistant

Michelle works as a Finance Assistant at Stuckey Automotive and has been with the company since 2018. "I love the atmosphere - it's fun but serious. We can work and play. I enjoy learning about customers. If I don't know something, you can bet I'll come asking! I don't like not knowing everything I can."

Why Ford and Subaru? "I love Ford and Subaru because of their charity work. It's great that large companies give back."

In her spare time, Michelle likes to watch movies, spend time with friends, camping, and visiting family.

Originally from Chambersburg Michelle moved to Altoona in 1997 on Super Bowl Sunday. She has been together with her husband, Brandon, since October of 1999 and has two children, Brandi and Colin.

Fun Fact: "My husband, Brandon, and I got married exactly ten years after we started dating."


Subaru Service & Parts

Brandon Napier
Subaru Parts Manager

Brandon is the Subaru Parts Manager and joined Stuckey Automotive in early 2015. "I love Stuckey's culture, and I enjoy making the customer happy and seeing the smile on their face."

Why Subaru? "The brand really takes care of its customers."

Favorite Vehicle: Subaru WRX. "I've always been a fan of the all-wheel drive turbo cars, and Subaru has always been my brand."

Originally from Fredericksburg, Virginia, Brandon now lives in Cresson, PA. He likes to skateboard, fish, and travel in his spare time.

Wes Lloyd
Subaru Service Manager

Wes is the Subaru Service Manager at Stuckey Automotive and has been with the company since April of 2015. "I love the people I work with, and I really enjoy dealing with customers." 

Why Subaru? "They are very dependable vehicles." 

Favorite Vehicle: WRX. "It handles well, it's powerful, and it's a fun car to drive." 

Originally from Ebensburg, PA, Wes is currently building a house in Lily, PA. He is married with two kids, one boy and one girl, and he has been in the automotive industry since he was 19. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his kids and dog, camp, fish, and play and coach baseball. 

Fun Fact: "I have a big portrait of Cosmo Kramer in my office because I'm a huge Seinfeld fan." 

Kimberly Noel
Subaru Service Advisor

Kim, a Subaru Service Advisor, joined Stuckey Automotive in June of 2015. "I love the customers and the employees. I really enjoy helping with communication between customers and technicians."

Why Subaru? "They have terrific customer service and reliability."

Favorite Vehicle: Subaru Crosstrek. "I drive one. I like the all-wheel drive and the look of the vehicle."

Kim grew up in and still resides in Altoona. She has a husband and two dogs, and she enjoys hiking with them in her spare time.

Fun Fact: "I got married on New Years' Eve."

Danica McCaulley
Service Advisor

Danica, a Subaru Service Advisor, joined Stuckey Automotive in June of 2017. "I love the customers and the people I work with. Everyone is always helpful and friendly. Making our customers' days better is always a pleasure."

Why Subaru? "They're all about customer satisfaction and helping to promote strong communities and families as well as safety."

Favorite Vehicle: Subaru Crosstrek. "I like the look and they are dependable.

An Altoona resident, Danica's fiancé is Tyler Frederick. They are scheduled to be wed on August 24th, 2019, and they have one son named Lincoln Frederick. In her spare time, Danica enjoys hanging out with her family and friends.

Fun Fact: "I like sunrises a lot."

Jake McCreary
Service Advisor

Jake, a Service Advisor, joined Stuckey Automotive in April of 2014. "I love helping out members of the community. The writeup process is especially enjoyable because I get to spend a lot of time with the customer."

Why Subaru? "They have excellent customer service."

Favorite Vehicle: Subaru WRX STI. "It's the coolest vehicle they make."

Jake attended Pennsylvania College of Technology. He received an Associate's Degree through Ford ASSET and a Bachelor's Degree in Automotive Business Management. He grew up in and still resides in Hollidaysburg, PA, where he enjoys playing video games and fishing in his spare time.

Fun Fact: "I like to study the stock market."

Denver Hartle
Service Advisor

Denver is a Service Advisor at Stuckey Automotive who started with the company in August of 2017. "I love helping people, particularly through the writeup process. I really get to know the customers."

Why Subaru? "They stand behind their product."

Favorite Vehicle: Subaru Forester. "It's roomy and accommodating."

A resident of Gallitzin, PA, Denver enjoys taking care of his child and feeding his dogs in his spare time.

Fun Fact: "I'm an Eagles fan."

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